Carlos Celdran “offends religious feelings”, faces jail time

What the hell IS this? Are lay church members – plaintiffs insane?

Giving “religious offense” is actually a basis, in Manila, the Philippines, in 2013, for incarceration. WTF?! Nasa’n si Padre Damaso, ha, at ma-deport nga?!

Full text of the decision is available from the article at the Filipino Freethinkers, or from a local copy obtained off

There is more than one way to order and express our loyalties – to our families, communities (Church, town, teams) and to country – but relying on outdated, anti-Constitutional law to protect your “feelings” (read: political position on a topic about which you have a beleaguered opinion) is not an acceptable way to show fealty to the teachings of “the” Church.

To you plaintiffs who’ve caused Mr Celdran to be given jail time:  You know what? The Church’s position resisting sex education, and making contraception available to women citizens as a choice, is deeply offensive to me, what do you make of that?

Are you taking offense with other persons’ opinion about a topic that your religion has something else to say?  Get over it, and move with the rest of us into the public sphere.  Make your statement a political statement, but leave the religious feeling of the rest of us out of the public discourse.  You might win legislation, or you may not; but make the discussion a rational one, based on what all our fellow citizens need.

Errata:  Article was originally posted with the title “David Celdran ‘offends religious feelings’, faces jail time”.  That was not a spell check problem – for some unfathomable reasons of it’s own, my brain made that substitution, and my fingers followed. Sigh.  Must avoid posting when pissed off.

My apologies to stray visitors.

Frigging routing loop

Well, now. Google isn’t reachable – which shouldn’t be such a big deal, except that most Web pages these days make our browsers fetch scripts and content from the Google domain.  Curiously, my bank is online; as is my hosting provider.  My favorite machine tool porn site, Glacern Machine Tools, is also up. But no BBC, no Al Jazeera. WTF?

It’s partly down to a frigging routing loop (below), plus some modulation scheme jiggering so I need to dial down to EDGE rates to post this.

effing-routing-loopNow how does a telco manage to get itself into a routing loop?  On purpose.  Pack sheet, oo.  Makatulog na nga muna…


… Nah, it’s probably not a DOJ takedown.

The DOJ Cybercrime Primer – Misleading silences

The Department of Justice published a short, “easy to read and simple to understand” three-page primer on cybercrime on November 26, 2012  (DOJ releases Primer on Cybercrime).  Being short, it is also appallingly devoid of intelligent discussion about how the infamous Cybercrime Prevention Act of 2012 (RA 10175) is perceived as a full-on attack on one of the foundations of democratic freedom, that of freedom of expressionContinue reading “The DOJ Cybercrime Primer – Misleading silences”