Just give me some non-God-centric electroless copper plating!

Updated 29 December 2012, 6:42am – See Think & Tinker’s guide to acid copper through-hole plating

That’s it – I’m giving up for the day.  Twenty-one hours of searching online for a copper plating service that’ll give me PCB through-hole plating anywhere in Metro Manila yields nothing. And worse. Continue reading “Just give me some non-God-centric electroless copper plating!”

Thinking CNC – Baking wires

It is the day. Today is the day when we finally assemble the first of three motor controllers.  Rather than ruin a perfectly well-etched board, we’ll experiment with a vise-mounted, handheld power tool to drill 0.8mm vias into our test board.  The test board is a reject from a previous expose-and-etch attempt that had uneven trace widths.


Continue reading “Thinking CNC – Baking wires”

Thinking CNC – Curing my WTFSS

I’ve put in an order for a stepper motor and ball screw – quite excited and pleased that this online reseller (which we’ll name later) has responded. We’ll see if the experience of dealing with online merchants is any good; otherwise we’ll be continuing our walkabout across Binondo streets and alleys to find suppliers for these (and several other) key parts. Continue reading “Thinking CNC – Curing my WTFSS”

Thinking CNC – Bootstrapping, Costing


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I’m starting this project with nothing more than an inexpensive drill press, a wood router, a Black and Decker RTX-1 and a few hand tools. This severely limits the precision of any metalforming work I can do.   This means that I’ll need to rely on precision made parts – bearings, primarily, and a ball screw and nut – and use those to create a reasonably true frame with bearing rails for a hand-cranked, single-axis feed table. Continue reading “Thinking CNC – Bootstrapping, Costing”